Eyewitnesses confirmed that the Blast that killed three Palestinians and wounded around 15 on Tuesday early morning was a result of two missiles fired by Israeli Apaches that were hovering the area as Israeli army is acarrying out an extensive operation in the southern Gaza Strip.

Akram Hadidi 31, Maysara Amran Suleimi 19 and Mohammad Abu Annada 18 were killed in the blast.

Three dead and several wounded in a Blast in Rafah


Palestinian Sources reported that three Palestinians were killed and several others were wounded in an explosion in Yebna refugee camp near the city of Rafah in the south of Gaza Strip Tuesday morning.

Eyewitnesses said it was unclear what caused the explosion, and said that the army has been conducting an extensive military operation in the area since the early hours of Tuesday morning.

IMEMC Correspondent in Rafah reportedly said some journalists were in the area that went there to inspect the area where the army is operating.

Witnesses said, Bassem Massoud, Rueters cameraman is among the wounded. Medical sources said Massoud suffered shrapnel in his hand.

Witnesses also confirmed that Israeli Air Force Apaches were hovering in the area and tanks were positions along the border with Egypt.

‘Suddenly an explosion shook the land … Tanks were positioned along the

border with Egypt and Apache helicopters were in the sky as well but I did not see what caused the explosion,’ eyewitness said.

Ambulances rushed hysterically to the scene to evacuate the wounded and the dead.

So far, army demolished six houses in the course of the operation in Yebna. Reports about three other houses are still unconfirmed.