Jordanian diplomats expressed anger over reports that Israel is working to foil the arms’ deal with the United States.

The diplomats said that Jordan will officially complain to Israel and would consider taking further action.

‘We were greatly surprised by the report. Jordan will continue to do all it can to protect its security and its interests,’ the Jordanian diplomats said.

‘We are not waiting for the blessing or the approval of any other nation when it comes to our security. We thought we signed a peace agreement with Israel and the reason for their opposition to the deal is unclear,’ they added.

Diplomatic source: Israel trying to block U.S.-Jordanian arms deal

Israeli Daily newspaper Haaretz quoted a diplomatic source as saying that Israel is investing efforts to block an American-Jordanian arms deal, which includes AMRAAM air-to-air missiles.

According to the same source, Israeli Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz and Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom decided to try to sabotage the deal over fears of losing the ‘qualitative edge’

Israel also fears that AMRAAM missiles, which are extremely accurate at homing in on targets, could be sold to Egypt as well if the deal with Jordan is advanced.

An Israeli source warned against deploying such weapons at such a short distance from Israel and questioned why Jordan would need such missiles, claiming that if Jordan were attacked, Israel would move to defend its eastern neighbor.

The American administration has already asked Congress for approval, indicating that the deal has come to an advanced stage.

The Americans saw no problem in selling Jordan the missiles in view of its good relations with Israel.

Jewish organizations in Washington have already expressed concern over the deal to the administration and asked senior congressmen to delay the transaction.

American sources expressed astonishment at Israel’s attempt to thwart the deal, saying that Jordan has signed a peace treaty with Israel and its army does not threaten the Jewish State.