Al-Mizan center for Human Rights issued a report, Saturday, concerning the military operations in Beit Hanoun, and the continuous siege imposed on it.

The report revealed that Beit Hanoun was subjected to various operations since the beginning of the Intifada, while the worst invasion was carried out Thursday, June 29, 2004, after imposing tight siege over the city and banning the residents more moving into the city or out of it.

Military operations also targeted the infrastructure, homes, medical teams and the residents of the city.

Moreover, the center condemned these operations and the military procedures against the Palestinian residents in Beit Hanoun, and considered the silence of the international community as a fact which shows “inability to move and fulfill its commitments and obligations to protect the civilian population in accordance to the Fourth Geneva Convention concerning protecting civilian in the times of war.

The center, on the other hand, appealed the International Community to seriously follow the events in the Palestinian territories and observe the military violation and escalation, and conduct the need steps to protect the Palestinian people.

The center, at the end of the report, demanded the International community to force Israel to implement the all Security Council resolutions concerning the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and withdrawal from the occupied territories, and to stop treating Israel as a state “which is above the International Law”, and the “Double Standards Policy”, according to the center.