Mossa Abu Marzouq, deputy of Hamas’s political bureau head, called on Saturday the Palestinian Authority to form a cabinet of technocrats after the Palestinian legislative elections, moving political decisions to the PLO, which Hamas is welling to join.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has repeatedly hinted recently that Hamas may join the Palestinian cabinet following the slated for July 17 legislative elections.

In an interview with Islam on Line news site, Abu Marzouq explained that in case Hamas win a majority of the Palestinian parliament seats, it would refrain from joining any PA executive platform, including the PA cabinet; as such platforms "are tied to the 1993 Oslo accords", which the Islamic movement vehemently rejects.

"At this stage, we refuse to join any PA executive platform" Abu Marzouq said.

"From our side, we call for the formation of a cabinet of technocrats, and for national and political decisions to be moved to the hands of the PLO legislative and executive bodies" he added.   

Abu Marzouq complained that even as two months has passed since the Cairo declarations, in which all Palestinian factions agreed to reform and activate the PLO institutes, nothing has happened.

Abu Marzouq held Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas responsible for the delay, saying "the ball is in his [Abbas] yard, he has the responsibility to call for a meeting of all factions’ leaders in order to set the process on track"