Wednesday afternoon, Israeli soldiers intensified military presence in Bab al-Zawiya area, in the center of Hebron, and interrogated dozens of residents.

altA local source in Hebron reported that soldiers broke into dozens of homes and stores, forced the residents out, and interrogated them for two hours.

Several residents were transferred to Beit Hadassah settlement, near the center of Hebron, where they were interrogated by soldiers in the settlement military base.

The residents were forced against the walls, while several youth were badly beaten by soldiers and settlers.

Also, soldiers detained dozens of residents near Keryat Arba’ settlement, in the center of Hebron and interrogated them.

The detained residents, aged 13-25, were interrogated for several hours in Wad al-Nassarah area, and were released after the soldiers barred them from using a road which links Keryat Araba’ settlement with the Ibrahimi mosque.

Soldiers claimed that this street is only to be used by settlers and soldiers, Palestinian residents have to find other ways to cross, “in order to avoid direct contact with the settlers”.