Friday at dawn, a 56 year old man died after Israeli soldiers based at a military check post near Nablus, barred a car transferring him to the National Hospital in Nablus from crossing; ambulance was held on the other side of the checkpoint.

Ashraf Metany, the car driver, said that he was transferring his uncle, Azzan Atiyya Suwwan, to hospital after sustaining a heart attack but soldiers bared him from crossing.

“We phoned the hospital to send an ambulance, and in order to save time I took my uncle by car to meet the ambulance at Beit Eeba checkpoint, but when I arrived at the checkpoint the soldiers forced me out of the car and attacked me, I told them that my uncle is very sick but they just said let him die far away from us”, Metany said.

The ambulance was already on the other side of the checkpoint, but soldiers were searching it and interrogating its medical team and driver.

Soldiers delayed the ambulance and the car transferring Azzam for more than forty minutes, and then they told the medical team that they carry him to the ambulance, but by then the man was already dead.

A resident who was present at the checkpoint said that a military officer called Itzik was behind the delay; Itzik is well known to the residents of his brutality in inhuman behaviors.

Recently, the same officer punched a child girl on the same checkpoint causing bad bruises and concuscions.