Friday afternoon, a group of extremist Israeli settlers, apparently celebrating a Jewish feast day, attacked dozens of Palestinian residents and homes in the southern West Bank city of Hebron, and burned farmlands near Keryat Arba’ settlement.

A local source in Hebron reported that dozens of settlers, celebrating a Jewish feast, chanted slogans against the Palestinians, danced and drank in the street which connects Keryat Arba’ settlement with the Ibrahimi mosque, in the center of the city.

The source stated that settlers burned several fields owned by resident Jamal S’efan, west of the settlement; dozens of olives trees were burnt.

S’efan said that settlers hurled stones and empty bottles at his home and the homes of his brothers causing damage, no injuries.

In Tal Rmeida neighborhood, in the center of Hebron, settlers living in the illegal outpost of Ramat Yeshai attacked dozens of Palestinian homes and residents in the area, and hurled stones at them.

Also, settlers chased and attacked dozens of residents near the Ibrahim mosque and on the grounds of the Mosque.

Meanwhile, Israeli soldiers closed several streets in the city, barring Palestinian residents from reaching the Ibrahimi mosque. The reason given by soldiers for the closure was to allow the Israeli settlers conduct their festivities.

Dozens of military checkpoints were installed in the city, especially in al-Sahla area, al-Karantina Street, and near the Ibrahimi mosque.

Also, soldiers occupied rooftops of dozens of homes using them as monitoring towers.