Israeli police stopped and detained on Wednesday morning five Palestinian officials in while being in Jerusalem claiming they "illegally" entered Jerusalem, Palestine News Network reported.

Eyewitness reports stated that the police stopped, Breg. Othman Abu Gharbeyeh, deputy chief of political orientation, Salah Zahayka, Fatah’s secretary general in Jerusalem, Isaac Qawasmi director of renovation in the orient house in Jerusalem, Parliament Member Hatem Abdul Qader and Hazem Gharbleh Fatah secretary general in Beit Hanina, a suburb of Jerusalem.

Police claimed they are illegally present in Jerusalem. Breg. Abu Gharbeyeh is the only one among the five who does not carry Jerusalem Identification card, as he is from the West Bank, however, the source said, he has a permit from the Israeli authority to move in Jerusalem.

The other four are Jerusalem residents and have a full right to be in the city at any time.

Police took the five to the police station in West Jerusalem for investigation, and are still being held there.