Soldiers supported by several armored vehicles and military bulldozers, invaded Tuesday night the area of Qezan Al-Najjar, south of Khan Younis, south of the Gaza Strip and leveled four homes.

A local source in Khan Younis said that twenty tanks and armored vehicles, and several military bulldozers centered at “Morag” settlement, moved into Khan Younis and uprooted agricultural fields which belong to the families of Al-Sha’er, Al-Basheety and Al-Najjar.

The source added that army leveled four homes in Qezan Al-Najjar area, leaving the families homeless, without giving them enough time to remove their furniture and belongings from their homes before demolishing them.

The demolished homes belong to members of Al-Malahi family.

Qeizan Al-Najjar is located next to Mirag settlement, south of Khan Younis, erected on lands confiscated from the residents of the city.

The army is has been bulldozing agricultural fields protected by tank fire intensive shooting carried out by several tanks centered some 800 meters away, causing additional damages; no injuries were reported.

Army recently intensified its operations in Qeizan Al-Najjar area and demolished tens of homes in addition to uprooting vast agricultural fields.