Israeli military sources were quoted as saying that Syria has test-fired Scud missiles last Friday, the New York Times reported.

The military source also claimed one of the missiles broke up over Turkish territory showering shrapnel down onto some farmlands, close to the Syrian-Turkish borders. Israeli military establishment allege that Syria has done tests earlier in 2001 and that this alleged test of last Friday was the first since 2001. They also claim the Syrians are using North Korean technology in the missiles, designed to deliver air-burst chemical weapons. The Times’ website also quoted Israeli officials as saying that the missiles included one older Scud B, with a range of about 300 kilometers, and two Scud D’s with a range of about 700 kilometers. Israeli interpreted the alleged launch of missiles as a defiance gesture to the United States and the United Nations who forced Syria out of Lebanon couple of months ago, through the UN resolution 1559, the Times wrote. The Times said the Israeli officials spoke in condition of complete anonymity. Local observers believe the talk about the missiles is plough by Israeli military officials to incite against Syria similar to the talk about the Iranian nuclear program.