At least one thousand Palestinians joined by International and Israeli peace activists demonstrated against the construction of the wall in Bil’in village west of Ramallah in the West Bank.

The demonstration started after the Friday prayer from the village mosque to the construction site.
Mohammad Al-Khatib member of the Popular Committee Against the Wall told IMEMC there were ‘at least 200 soldiers there.’  Al-Khatib added that troops used an amplified sound of a whistle to disperse the protestors, in addition to the tear gas and rubber bullets.
MK Ahmed Tibi was treated for smoke inhalation suffered during the protest. Tibi also said he received a punch to the stomach by an Israeli soldier who was pushing protestors to disperse them.
‘Several hundreds of the protesters carried Palestinian flags in the demonstration.  Towards the end of the action, some of the young protestors started throwing stones at the army who responded by more tear gas and rubber coated bullets at the crowd,’ said Al-Khatib
At least 20 protestors were treated of gas inhalation and bruises resulted from the rubber bullets. Two Israeli protestors were arrested by the police, and one Israeli soldier was lightly wounded, he said.
Al-Khatib also said other Knesset Members and other politicians were also present in the action, including MK Abdul Malik Dahamsheh, Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi, and Palestinian Minister of the Wall Affairs Ahmad Majdalani.