‘Today (Saturday) President Abbas will issue a decision to postpone the parliamentary vote to give more time for Palestinian factions to hold further discussions and enable parliament to approve a new voting law,’ PA official told Reuters.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has decided to postpone the parliamentary election, slated for July 17, to allow time to resolve a dispute over proposed reforms to the voting law, a senior PA official said on Saturday.

Following a decision to delay repeats in local elections, Abbas’s expected announcement is unlikely to create tension with the Islamic Resistance movement (Hamas).

Talks between Abbas’s party Fatah and Hamas have been ongoing under an Egyptian umbrella, and it seems that delaying both election repeats an parliamentary elections are part of a still unannounced deal.

Until recently, Hamas vehemently rejected Abbas’s proposed election delay, accusing it was a Fatah maneuver to cling to power.

The official said Abbas would announce the delay in the election later on Saturday.