Likud rebels said that they will launch their anti pull-out campaign on Monday in an attempt to reverse the public opinion in Israel and reduce support to the disengagement plan.


“Disengagement will bring terror, we need to rethink things” is the slogan of the public campaign which is planned to be kicked off in Israel on Monday.
Likud rebels are hoping to influence the positions of Likud ministers who currently support the plan, and force the Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, to suspend it.
The campaign slogan will be posted on some 1000 busses around the country, in addition to a booklet on the so called ‘security dangers’ of disengagement, which well be distributed to 1.5 million households.
The booklet will include statements of high ranking military officials on the ‘dangers of pullout, including statements of the former Israeli chief of staff Moshe Ya’alon, who said that pull-out “will lead to a wave of terror”.
The campaign will also use the results of a latest survey conducted my Midgam institute; the rebels held a conference on Sunday saying that 40% of the public strongly support disengagement, 18% mildly support it, and 9% remain undecided.
Likud rebel leader Uzi Landau, who spent the last two months raising funds to the campaign from abroad, said that Sharon is using the media as a tool to “dry the public senses”, and show support to his plan.