Nine Palestinian legislators said Sunday they were considering resigning from the Palestinian Legislative Council in protest to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’s decision to postpone parliamentary elections.

Hamas strongly condemned Abbas’s decision as a serious breach of agreement reached in Cairo earlier this year.

PLC Deputy Speaker Hassan Khraisheh said he and eight legislators were considering submitting their resignations. 

‘We are considering a number of steps to protest against the decision, including the possibility of suspending our membership or resigning from the council,’ he said.

Khraisheh lashed out at Abbas, saying the decision was an indication that the PA was not ready to accept the choice of Palestinian voters.

However, other legislators expressed satisfaction with Abbas’s decision.

‘The decision to delay the elections was legitimate and in line with the law,’ said Abdel Karim Abu Salah, a legislator and former PA minister of justice.

Also, both the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine were angered by Abbas’s decision. 

Leaders of both groups accused Abbas of breaking his promise, due to internal power struggles in the ruling Fatah party.