Tuesday morning, Israeli soldiers shot and killed an Islamic Jihad fighter and an unarmed Palestinian policeman after invading Qabatia south of the northern West Bank city of Jenin.

Israeli soldiers, supported by armored vehicles and military helicopters, invaded Qabatia after closing its entrances, and main streets.
A Palestinian security source reported that Khaled Tawfik Kameel, 22, was killed by military fire and shells fired at a home he was hiding in after surrounding it.
The body of Kameel was severely mutilated after the army fired several shells at the home.
Soldiers occupied rooftops surrounding the home and fired rounds of live ammunition, and concussion grenades.
The home belongs to Majdi Mahmoud abu al-Rob; soldiers ordered the residents out of their home after claiming that resistance fighter are hiding in it.
Soldiers leveled the home after it was completely burnt and damaged by the shells; damage was reported in several surrounding homes.
Also, soldiers broke into dozens of homes in the area, conducted military searches causing damage.
An unarmed Palestinian policeman, identified as Nasser Zakarneh, 23, was also killed during the operation, and one under-covered soldier, from the special army units, known as Dovadim, was injured during the attack.
Also, Israeli soldiers arrested four residents in Qabatia; army claims that they are members of the Islamic Jihad.
A medical source at Khalil Suleiman hospital, in Jenin, reported that a resident identified as Mohammad Fawzi abu al-Rob was seriously injured during the raid.
Israeli soldiers barred the ambulances and medical teams from reaching the invaded area, and barred dozens of residents from reaching the hospital  after it voiced an appeal for blood donation.