Wednesday morning, the WAFA news agency reported that Israeli soldiers invaded the village of Marda, near the West Bank city of Salfit, and imposed curfew, barring the resident from leaving their homes.

Nasfat al-Khafsh, coordinator of the Popular Committee Against the Wall, said that soldiers, supported by five armored vehicles, invaded the village after surrounding it and imposed curfew.
Al-Khafsh added that this curfew was apparently imposed after the committee announced intentions to hold a peaceful protest against the Wall in the village.
Earlier on Wednesday, soldiers detained three international peace activists, and held passports in an attempt to bar internationals from participating in any protests against the Wall and land capture in the Palestinian territories.
Residents and international peace activists were planning to peacefully protest against the Wall on Wednesday morning.
So far, Israeli soldiers bulldozed and uprooted nearly 1000 olive trees, which belongs to residents of the village.