The Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon blamed the Palestinians for the decline of support to his disengagement plan, after it dropped to 48% according to latest statistics.
Sharon was responding to the results of a public poll conducted by the Israeli TV, channel 2, which revealed that less that half of the Israelis support disengagement.
The statements of Sharon came during “Mish’al Ham” a program at the Israeli TV, hosted by Nisim Mish’al.
According to the poll 48% of the Israelis support the withdrawal plan, 33% against it, and 19% still undecided.  
These results show a sharp drop of the results of a poll conducted in April 2004 were 62% of the Israeli supported disengagement.
Channel two did not mention the margin of error of the poll, but the results are coherent with two other polls conducted lately in Israel.
Also, Sharon during a meeting with the British FM Jack Straw, said that he will go ahead with his plan, but claimed that it is getting harder to process the peace track “since the Palestinian side is not acting against terrorism’, according to Sharon.