An Arab newspaper published a report said to be conducted by Dr. Abdullah al-Saheemi, which revealed that Palestinian refugees are facing inhuman conditions and treatment in several Arabic countries.

The refugees and since 1948 were neglected and deprived of their rights, several countries neglected their rights for ‘economical reasons’, while other countries had political or even communal motives.
“The refugees were not seen as human, if the UN did not provide them with shelter, medical units and services, they would have been homeless until now, also the Palestinian Liberation Organization helped in constructing some economical facilities by support from some gulf counties and investments”, al-Saheemi said in his report.
According to the report, the Arabic regimes considered their mission accomplished after the PLO entered the Palestinian territories, some countries even forced the refugee out.
Reports about refugees in Iraq revealed that they appealed the international community, and the Arab countries to stop the daily violations conducted against them by the Iraq security.
“The Iraqi security is attacking their homes, arresting and imprisoning them”, the report said.
The appeal included names of arrested refugees, and dates of their arrests.
May 1, 2005, leaflets were found in the Palestinian compound in Iraq, threatening them of death and exile, but no action was taken by the Iraqi security to reveal the sides behind these threats.  
Another report published over the net by Palestinians in Libya revealed that the Libyan authorities stopped issuing residency permits to the Palestinian living in the country; the Palestinian are now given permits of entry to the country, which means depriving them from any residency rights.
Currently there are 22.000 Palestinian in Libya, mostly working in teaching, or freelance.
The Libyan government closed all offices of Palestinian factions since 1996, representatives of these factions work secretly since then.
Palestinians living in the Arabic gulf countries are facing what was described as ‘silent rejection’, they weren’t thrown out, except the Palestinians who were forced out of Kuwait after the first gulf war in 1991, but they are facing harsh conditions and deprived from their basic rights.
Palestinian refugees in Lebanon are not allowed employment in government positions, not allowed to build, and living in their refugee camps which lack the fundamental needs of their daily livelihood.