The Palestinian Authority freed two Islamic members who were detained following the Tel Aviv “Stage” night club bombing; two other members of the Jihad are expected to be freed on Saturday.
The bombing was carried out, in February 2005, by two suicide bombers killing five Israelis.
Israel claims that the freed members are suspected of assisting the two bombers.
The Palestinian Authority, following the bombing, arrested several members of the Islamic Jihad in Tulkarem area; six detainees who were arrested by the P.A police were transferred to a prison in Jericho in coordination with Israel.
The Islamic Jihad voiced several demands to release the detainees, during several meetings with the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas.
The Islamic Jihad considered this step as an important step towards the unity of the Palestinians.
A senior Israeli source reported that if the P.A goes ahead with the release, “Israel will be required top take measures the Palestinians are failing to adopt”, according to the source. 
The source claimed that Israel will then “have full justification” for such act on its side.