Israeli vice Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Sunday PA refusal to confiscate weapons, indicates the PA’s inability to cope with ‘terrorism’.

‘The refusal of Palestinian Authority officials to disarm the ‘terrorist’ groups of their weaponry is like planting a cluster bomb in a process that could lead to dialogue and calm,’ Olmert told Israel Radio.

Olmert warned the PA to either fight ‘terror’, or Israel will.

Israel refers to Palestinian resistance to occupation, especially the armed one, as terror acts. Palestinians see it as a legitimate mean to stand against occupation violence.

Al Kidwa: disarming factions not on table

Palestinian Foreign Minister Nasser Al Kidwa said Saturday that the PA had no intention of disarming resistance groups as long as the Israeli occupation continued.

‘The dismantling of armed organizations is not on the table because weapons are legal as long as the occupation exists,’ Al Kidwa told Palestinian television

‘Possession of weapons is a strategic issue as long as there is occupation.’ He added.

Al Kidwa also said that the weapons should be organized and not used to break the law or violate the truce agreement.