Palestinian sources reported that Mahmoud Khalafallah, was killed early Monday morning as he was crushed to death when Israeli army troops shelled his house in the Austrian quarter west of Khan Younis south of Gaza Strip.

According to the source, Khalafallah, a 70-year-old, was unable to evacuate the house as he was a wheel chair-bound man and died under the rubble.

The army said the house was used by Palestinian resistance groups to shoot at Israeli targets.

The army tanks positioned near Neveh Dikalim has bulldozed and shelled several other houses for the same reason.

‘This is a war crime to kill an old disabled man by demolishing his house on his head’ a Khan Younis resident told IMEMC.

Moreover, the Palestinian News Agency, WAFA, reported that Israeli Apaches opened its Machine gun fire at residential areas in ‘Batn Al-Sameen, south of Khan Younis.

On the other hand in Beit Hanoun, where an Israeli military operation is going on since about two weeks, the Israeli military demolished the house of Ahmad Hassan Kalloub on Salah Iddin street west of the city. The 150 squared meters house was home to 10 family members.