At 11:00 am Monday April 26, life in Israel will halt in commemoration of the ones killed in “ Israel’s wars”, announcing the start of the celebrations of Israel’s Independence Day.

To the other side of the line, Palestinians refer to the same day as the Catastrophe “Al-Nakbah”, in which 90% of Palestinians were forced to leave their towns and villages and hence after live in refugee camps for the past 56 years.

One nation ruined, one nation rose, all in one day.

The contradictory memories of the same occasion still dictate the life of both nations. Both wish deep inside that the other never existed, if that was the case life would have been much easier without much suffering or an etching conscious.

The conflict continues between generations who inherited the problem. The question of why was I pushed away to refugee camps and still ruled by foreigners stands against the question of why they don’t want me here and keep fighting me.

The injustice of the past still lives in the corners of each home whether a Palestinian or an Israeli one.

Is it a day to celebrate or a one to mourn? It is both unless there would be a chance to celebrate independence for both.