Source: Arabs 48

The Runner Sana’ Abu Bakhit leaves her home every dawn in order to exercise and run in the streets of Deir Al-Balah refugee camp in the Gaza Strip in preparation to represent her country in Athens Olympic activities next august.

Sana ’ only lives some meters away form Gosh Katif settlement in the Gaza Strip.

Sana ’ will participate in running races for the distance of 800 meters at the Olympic Games in Athens this year. She achieved good records in Asia athletic activities conducted in Iran last month. She also participated in Egypt last year, which gave her the title of the best Palestinian Athlet.

Sana’, the girl with the dark skin, who lives with her poor family and sick father, decided to break all the walls and overcome the obstacles and hard living conditions. She was chosen by the Palestinian Union for power sports to represent her country, Palestine in Athens.

By doing so, Sana’ becomes the second Palestinian athlet to represent Palestine in the olympics; the first was Majed Abu-Marahil, who carried and raised the flag of his country in Atlanta, USA.

Sana ’ said while she was sweating after an exercise: “my dream is to represent my country in an international activity, an raise the Palestinian flag among other flags”, she added that she have a dream since she was a child to achieve a Gold Medal.

Sana ’s higher standard among Athletics is the Mozambican runner, Maria Matolo.

Sana ’, participated in several Arab and local competitions, and achieved tens of medals, she is proud to show them in her tiny Salon at her small home.

Sana ’ nods her head complaining that the Palestinian areas do not have halls and clubs, which provides equipment and space for training, which affects her ability in comparison with other athletics from other countries, since they have all the needed material, and space for training.

She added while, fixing her cap which have the picture of Al-Aqsa mosque, “this is something we got used to, but am going there to prove to the world that the Palestinian people despite of the sufferings and the occupation, is capable of achieving medals…I hope that I will be lucky, and achieve this goal…”

One of the biggest problems Sana’ faces is the continuous shootings in the area conducted by the army centered on the towers near her home, southeast Deir Al-Balah.

She added: “every morning when I train, I fear that one of the bullets will hit me, always when I run next to the sea, I have to run and stay alert and cautious”

During curfews, invasions and exchange of fire, Sana’ goes to a sand area near the Police station and trains for two hours, but this area is filled with stones and thistle, which caused her injuries several times.

She added: “I suffer and will suffer more, but I have to achieve my dream…my goal, and I have to achieve something, even if it was small and present it to my family, my sick father and my country, I have a dream to raise the flag of my country among flags of other nations…”

Samir Nabahin, the trainer of Sana’ said: “it is a difficult task, she is like someone who is digging in the rocks…with his nails, but she has a very big confidence in herself, and she will do her best to achieve and succeed…God willing she will succeed”

Nabahin added: “despite the fact that we don’t have athletic halls and areas with international standards, but her Will and Determination is stronger than all odds”

He expressed hopes that the authority will provide the athletics with the materials, space and support they need to achieve good results.

This is the Palestinian man, despite all challenges and occupation, despite closure and invasions, his will is always strong, his spirit is higher than all odds.

“The strike which does not kill us makes us stronger” and more determined to achieve our rights.