Lawyer of the Palestinian Prisoners Society, Sana’ al-Harbawi, said that the detainees in Asqalan detention are facing harsh living conditions and deprived of their fundamental rights.

Lawyer al-Harbawi added that the detainees are not receiving the needed medical treatment, deprived from their visitation rights, and face repeated humiliation and inhuman treatment.

After visiting a number of detainees in Asqalan detention, lawyer al-Harbawi said that there are 45 detainees placed in 6 sections which lack the fundamental requirements of a daily living.

Also, the army conducted recently repeated attacks, broke into the rooms of the detainees and conducted military searches, causing damage.

“Sick detainees are not receiving the needed medical treatment, prisons administration is installing the transfer for sick detainees to the hospital in spite of their urgent need for hospitalization”, al-Harbawi added.

Detainee Ahmad Tameemy is suffering of a heart disease and kidney failure, he was placed in al-Ramleh detention hospital five years ago, awaiting kidney implant, but the administration refuses to conduct the operation unless he pays the expenses.

The family of Tameemy appealed international humanitarian organizations to interfere in order to enable their son conduct the needed medical operation, especially after his health condition has seriously deteriorated.

Al-Harbawi said that the following detainees need direct medical treatment and hospitalization; Mohammad Aref Bsharat, from Jenin, Rami Rweidi, Gaza, Sameer abu Ni’ma, and Murad abu Skoot.

The medical condition of abu Skoot has sharply deteriorated since he has cancer and needs medical treatment and equipment not available at the detention hospital.

The detention also lacks cleaning materials, proper ventilation and the rooms are filled with humidity, and bugs.

The detainees told lawyer al-Harbawi that the administration is not allowing them to prepare their own food, and is providing them with food of a bad quality, which forces them to buy their meals from the prison canteen for very high prices.

Also, several detainees in al-Ramleh detention are still deprived from their visitation right for what the administration describes as “security reasons”, the detainees who have their visitation right are forced behind a glass barrier barring direct body contact with their families.

Detainees in al-Ramleh detention are placed in overcrowded rooms, in many cases 18 detainees are placed in one room.

Al-Ramleh detention was built during the British mandate.