Israeli disengagement Authority registered Friday its first achievement as 40 Gaza settler families from the Gaza settlements of Nisanit and Ele Sinai signed for voluntary evacuation.

By the end of July, 22 the 40 families are expected to transfer to their temporary residences in Kibbutz Or Haner and to temporary rental homes in Ashkelon, Sderot and Ofakim.

“’We hope to be in our temporary homes by the end of July,” Ele Sinai resident Dudi Saadon told Israeli newspaper Youdot Ahranot. .

“according to the deal, the state would finance the construction of the temporary houses, therefore evacuees will be able to use compensation money to build the villa of their dreams.

‘I belive that within a few weeks we will begin to pack up our homes into cardboard boxes and prepare for the move to Kibbutz Or Haner.’ Saadon added.

To save evacuees the noise from Ashekelon-Yad Mordechai highway, the state agreed to finance the construction of a noise-insulation wall along the evacuees Bat Hadar neighborhood.