A medical source at al-Ahli hospital in Hebron reported that one child was admitted to surgery suffering from serious wounds after settlers hurled a bomb at her family’s home in the city.

The child, identified as Mayyada Khalil abu Fannouna, 13, sustained wounds in her face, causing fractions in her jaws, in addition to serious fractions in her chest.

Abu Fannouna was transferred to Hebron Governmental Hospital for further medical treatment.

Maher abu Fannouna, the brother of Mayyada, said that the settlers were driving a car near their home, threw the bomb and speeded away.

Eight family members were present at home, including children, at the time of the attack, no other injuries were reported since they were away from the room were the bomb exploded. 

A Palestinian security source in Hebron reported that apparently settlers of Hagai settlement, south of Hebron are behind the attack.

The attacked home is located 150 meters away from the settlement, the security source said.