Israeli soldiers imposed restrictions on the movements of Palestinian residents in Hebron, south of the West Bank.

An Israeli military source reported on Saturday that the army closed several streets in the city following the fatal shooting incident which led to the death of a young settler from Beit Hajai settlement Friday, four other settlers were injured.

The source claims that the new procedures, and restrictions on movement, aim to bar armed fighters from carrying further attacks against the army and settlers.

“The fighters who carried out the latest West Bank shooting attack, which left one Israeli dead, took advantage of the easing of restrictions on Palestinian movement in the southern Mount Hebron area”, West Bank Brigade Commander Colonel Moti Baruch said.

the military intelligence believes that the group which fired at the settlers on Friday fled away to Palestinian villages near Hebron.

Settlers in Hebron area are considered the most violent settlers in the West Bank repeatedly carried out attacks against Palestinians residents in Hebron and several villages around it.

The latest attack carried out by the settlers was on Saturday after a group of settlers driving a speeding car hurled a bomb at a home in the city; a 13-year-old girl was seriously injured.