Settlers leader are planning huge protests against settlement evacuation, calling on motorists all over Israel to stop their vehicles at the side of the road for 15 minutes on Monday.

The Yesha Council, a body that represents settlers in both the Gaza Strip and the West Bankk, said that it expects more than 100,000 Israelis to participate in the protest.

The Yesha council decided to postpone plans to completely block main roads and junctions throughout the country in honor of the victims of last week’s deadly train accident, an Israeli source reported.

The protest is planned to be carried out at 6 p.m. under the banner of  “Stop, we must rethink.” The protestors will hold signs calling the government to annul disengagement.

Vehicles bearing orange ribbons will also stop at three main areas, including a road which leads through Jerusalem, all the way to the Knesset.

Rafi Ben Basat, the protest organizer, said its goal is to make the Israeli government and the Knesset “reconsider the disengagement plan.” He added that the protest will not be violent.

The Israeli online daily Ynetnews said that settlers and right wing activists examined that roads in recent weeks and organized tens of thousands of people who have already signed up to participate.

The Yesha council also plans to place protestors at areas were vehicles can’t stop in order to direct the motorists to continue to places where they can safely stop.

The organizers of the protest cancelled an earlier plan calling on Israelis who oppose disengagement to display blue ribbons on their cars.

Moshe Ben Zarma, one of the prominent disengagement protestors, said that the protest is intended to show “which camp enjoys greater public support.”