The administration of Al-Naqab Military Detention Camp (ANSAR3) has refused to accept Moti’e Nader Abu Hammad 21, due to bad health. In a press release issued by the Palestinian Prisoners Committee in Jenin, the committee called on human rights organizations to intervene and save the life of prisoner Moti’e Nader Abu Hammad.

Based on the committee report, Abu Hammad was arrested from inside his home two months ago. He was given a three months administrative detention order. Accordingly he was moved to Al-Naqab detention camp. The detention camp administration refused to admit him because, as they said, they did not have the medical treatment required for him. Therefore, he was returned to his solitary confinement in the Israeli Military base in Salem.

According to the same source, Abu Hammad suffers from Neural Convulsions and Hysterical Seizures. His health condition deteriorates with imprisonment conditions and lack of medical treatment. The prison administration did not allow his family to send medicine for him.

Prisoners who have been released from the same prison reported that Abu Hammad had suffered a strong neural seizure that almost killed him. The prison’s administration ignored his case and only provided him with aspirin. No comments from the side of Israeli prison authority are available.