A Palestinian prisoner has revealed that Israeli jailers at Maskubia forced him to eat soil against his will during their interrogation of him. The prisoner, Basem Nasser al Shaarawe, 25, a resident of Dura near Hebron, told Attorney Fahme Alawi that he was arrested June 9, 2003 under suspicion of being an activist for al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades.

According to Shaarawe, Israeli soldiers beat him severely all over his body, especially in the chest, resulting in fractures. He reports still suffering from pains in the head due to the blows during that attack. He also reports that Isreali solders put soil in his mouth and forbid him from washing his mouth for 10 hours. It was only after his transfer to Atzyoun camp that he was allowed to wash his mouth. The prisoner said also that after he was transferred to the interrogation center in al Maskubia jail, he was tied to a chair with his feet and arms tied to the back for 9 days. During 4 of those days, he was not allowed to sleep.

Another prisoner, Omar Ali Alblas, 28, from al Arroub Refugee Camp also reported being tortured while detained in al Maskubia jail. Alblas told the Prisoners Club Lawyer, Maamoun al Hashem, that soldiers beat him up inside his cell after they handcuffed him and tightened the handcuffs until the blood flow was restricted. He said that he was screaming from the pain but the soldiers threw him on the concrete floor, which led to a head injury. His hands were swollen and his shoulders were cut. He also said that the

Isreali solders were verbally abusive. He has filed a case against the solders. No comments from the side of the Israeli prison authorities are available.