Apparently, soldiers manning the the dozens of checkpoints spread through the Palestinian territories think that it was not enough to hold residents for several hours waiting for inspection, but rather are inventing new ways for further humiliations.

Stories told by residents passing through such check posts are telling stories about new methods of humiliation Soldiers are using.

Many residents reported that soldiers are regularly forcing residents to crawl on their knees begging soldiers to allow them to pass.

An eyewitness at Huwwara check post, south Nablus said that soldiers manning the check post forced ten young men, members of a folklore dance group, to perform to them in order to be allowed passage to the other side of the check post.

A driver, who was driving a pickup truck filled with straw, told reporters that soldiers at Tayasir check post, near Nablus, ordered him to count the straws one by one prior to allowing him passage. ‘they were making fun of me, to me that was not funny, but very humiliating’ he said.

At the same checkpoint, a group of residents reported that soldiers told them that the can only pass through if the curse the Arab World and all of its leaders using dirty words.

Even when it was not possible to investigate hundreds of told stories over what happens at military check posts, it is likely that a pattern is developing there in which soldiers manning check posts are adding considerably to the hardships, suffering, and humiliations, residents in the Palestinian territories are facing.