Wednesday evening, Israeli policemen evacuated the Tal Yam outpost, which is an abandoned Palestinian building in al-Mawassi area in Khan Younis, after extremist settlers of the far-right seized it, and barricaded themselves inside.

The police reported no violence during the evacuation, although 15 settlers were reportedly arrested.

The Israeli defense establishment slammed on Wednesday the far-right activists who clashed with the soldiers, and accused them of endangering the Israeli security.

The police arrested seven young settlers after throwing stones at Palestinians, wounding several residents.

Also on Wednesday, five Palestinian residents were inured in al-Mawassi area, after the settlers hurled stones at them; one resident was injured in his head, and was also harshly beaten by the settlers.

A medical source at Nasser hospital in khan Younis reported that two residents sustained serious injuries.  

The clashes which erupted in al-Mawassi inflamed after the settlers wrote “Mohammad is a pig” referring to Prophet Mohammad, on a wall of a Palestinian homes they broke into and controlled.

Five settlers, and additional Palestinian resident, were injured during the clashes.

The settlers, following the arrests, began throwing stones at the Palestinian residents; soldiers fired in the air while dispersing them.

Similar clashes took place on Monday after the settlers broke into the building and controlled it.