Israeli soldiers invaded the villages of Atteel and Allar in the northern West Bank on Thursday, conducting military searches of homes and arresting three residents.

A local source in Atteel reported that soldiers surrounded the village with military vehicles. They then searched several houses in the village, forcing dozens of residents out of their homes.
Atteel residents Ihsan abu al-Raghib and abu Awni Sabha said soldiers drove them and their families out of their homes and used their houses as military posts and monitoring towers.
Soldiers also invaded the village of Allar, firing live ammunition and gas bombs at the residents. They arrested Mohammad Saty abu Hafeetha, 20, after breaking into his home and searching it.
In a separate incident, soldiers stopped a car on Allar-Saida road, detaining and interrogating seven residents for several hours.
The residents were identified as Mohammad Amin Abu Sa’ada, 22, from Allar; Ibrahim Adel Raddad, 20, from Saida; and four brothers, Wasfi, Mohammad, Samer, and Niaz Raddad, also from Saida.
The WAFA news agency reported that soldiers placed sand hills at the entrance of the village of Baqa al-Sharqiyya and barred the residents from entering or leaving it.
Ennab checkpoint, east of Tulkarem, was also closed, and dozens of residents of the area were held and interrogated for several hours.