Two Palestinian children were injured and four residents arrested Tuesday evening in Qutna village, northwest of Jerusalem, as soldiers fired on and attacked dozens of residents who were attempting to stop the army from bulldozing their farmlands in order to construct the separation Wall.

A local source in the village reported that dozens of residents clashed with the soldiers after the military bulldozers started uprooting their farmlands.

Soldiers fired live ammunition, seriously injuring Ibrahim Salah Houshiyya, 17, in theleg and Ala’ Ahmad Taha, 16, in the hand.  

Mohammad Khaled al-Faqeeh, head of the Northwest Jerusalem Governor’s Office, said soldiers attacked the residents in the graveyard area and arrested four.

The arrested residents were identified as Rafeeq Taha, 24; Murad Yousef, 15; Mousa Abdullah, 26; and Dhia’ al-Sheikh, 27.

The Israeli army recently began constructing the wall around Qutna, which is inhibited by 13.000 residents and considered the biggest village in Jerusalem area.