The Tulkarem office of the Palestinian Prisoners Society reported that detainees in Hadarim Israeli prison are facing harsh living conditions and repeated attacks carried out by the soldiers.

Hanan al-Khateeb, said that the society received a letter from the detainees complaining from the bad treatments and living conditions they are facing on daily basis.

Al-Khateeb added that the detainees are not provided with sufficient meals, and are placed in over crowded rooms, which forced dozens of detainees to sleep on the ground without mattresses and covers.

Also, al-Khateeb added that soldiers are confining several detainees to solitary imprisonment without any explanation.

“Bugs, insects and scorpions were found between their clothes, and covers, and in spite of their complaints, the army did nothing to solve this problem”, al-Khateeb stated.

The detainees wrote that the administration is blackmailing them by imposing fines on them, in addition to the very high prices in the prison canteen.

Several detainees are sick and deprived from their medication rights; other detainees need medical surgeries, and continuous medical care.