Monday at dawn, Israeli soldiers imposed curfew over al-Mogheer village, north east of Ramallah, after invading it and sealing its entrances with sand hills.

The WAFA news agency reported that soldiers invaded the village, while military bulldozers erected sand hills and installed concrete blocks closing its eastern and western entrances  

Soldiers barred the resident from leaving their village in an attempt to reach their working places, schools and universities, and forced the merchants and shopkeepers to close their stores.  

Resident Jihad al-Nu’man, said that soldiers were firing in the air, and at several vehicles, while using loud speakers announcing curfew.

Also, soldiers fired concussion grenades and live rounds, and conducted military searches of homes; damage reported, no injuries.

At least forty homes were searched in the village, which is inhibited by 1800 residents. Ten residents of the village are currently imprisoned in Israeli prisons. 

Meanwhile, an Israeli military source claimed that soldiers are repeatedly invading the village in order to protect the settlers driving on bypass roads surrounding it.

Army claims that residents repeatedly hurled stones at settlers’ cars, in addition to several shooting incidents.