Israeli soldiers leveled on Wednesday four barracks in al-Rashaida village, south of Bethlehem. after invading and surrounding it.

Fawwaz al-Rashaida, head of al-Rashaida village council, reported that two military bulldozers supported by several armored vehicles and jeeps, invaded Tal’at al-Haq area, east of the village and leveled the barracks which were used for residency and for raising livestock.

Al-Rashaida stated that the barracks belong to Saber Saleh Rashaida, Abed Mahmoud Rashaida, Miflih Ibrahim Rashaida, and Adnan Mousa Rashaida.

The barracks were constructed in a green area which is very convenient for shepherds during spring and winter.

Recently the army conducted repeated attacks against the area and closed it in an attempt to bar the residents from reaching it.