Palestinian detainees in Israeli prisons called on the Palestinian factions and the Palestinian Authority to avoid any more conflicts and to conduct talks to end the violence that erupted this week between Hamas fighters and Palestinian security forces.

The appeal of the detainees came through a statement sent by fax to the WAFA news agency.

In order to protect the national interests and the Palestinian legitimate struggle against the Israeli occupation, the detainees called for dialogue and rejected any form of violence as a means to resolve the internal conflicts.

“We call on you to conduct more talks, to spare the Palestinian blood and lives,” the detainees’ statement read.  “We learned the unfortunate news about the violence that erupted in Gaza and spilled pure Palestinian blood. We are all determined to protect the struggle and avoid internal fighting.”

The detainees appealed to the Palestinian factions and the Palestinian Authority to resolve their conflicts through dialogue and immediately end all forms of internal violence.  

The statement was signed by detainees from Fateh movement, Hamas, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, and the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

The violence erupted Thursday night when Palestinian security forces attempted to bar Hamas fighters from firing homemade shells at Israeli settlements.

A group of fighters was firing shells from Sheikh Zayed area, north of the Gaza Strip, a Palestinian security source reported. The group and P.A security men exchanged fire after the security men attempted to stop them.

The P.A. declared a state of emergency after dozens of Hamas members gathered in the northern Gaza Strip, opened automatic fire, attack a P.A military camp, and burnt four P.A security jeeps in the area.

The Palestinian Ministry of Interior held Hamas movement responsible for the events. The ministry said the actions of Hamas are in contradiction with its statements, “especially when it escalates the situation, and uses arms against the P.A. We will impose law and order no matter what it takes,” the ministry declared.