The administrations of the Ofer detention center, near Ramallah, and the al-Maskobiyya prison in Jerusalem are responsible for the lives of three sick detainees who are in need of immediate medical treatment, according to Mohammad al-Shadfan, lawyer for the General Committee Against Torture.

Al-Shadfan said that detainee Ala’ Yousef abu Abed, 27, from Biddu village near Ramallah, is suffering from a disability in his left hand as a result of an injury sustained to his chest area during his arrest.

Detainee Mokafih Mousa abu Roomy, 38, from al-Ezariyya near Jerusalem, is suffering from stroke and a high cholesterol level.  

Detainee Dhirar Rajab al-Teety, 36, from al-Fawwar refugee camp in Hebron, is suffering from problems in his back and limited muscle movement. Al-Teety was operated on recently, but the procedure was not successful, and he requires hospitalization for further treatment.

Lawyer al-Shadfan appealed to the Red Cross Society and Doctors Without Borders to pressure the Israeli authorities to release the sick detainees so that they can receive the required medical attention.