Ahmad As’ad Issa. 22, from Salem village, east of Nablus, was shot and wounded on Monday evening by an Israeli soldier, as he was driving back home from the hospital with his wife and their new born baby.

Issa was shot in his left leg, as he was approaching a portable checkpoint installed near the entrance of the village.

Nassim Eshtiyya, Issa’s nephew, said that his uncle was waiting for his turn on the checkpoint when one of the soldiers approached him and said “You can’t pass”.

Issa tried to tell the soldiers that that his wife had just been released from the hospital and tried to show them medical reports but they did not listen and ordered him to go back.

“As he was walking back to his car, one of the soldiers shot him in his leg,” Eshtiyya said.

Issa was 150 meters away from the soldiers when they fired at him.

Despite his injury Issa had to drive back to the hospital where he was treated and hospitalized. 

Yasser al-Alawna, a researcher at the Palestinian Independent Committee for Human Rights, who was present at the checkpoint, said that this incident proves that the soldiers do not care about the lives of the Palestinian residents. He added that similar incidents occur at checkpoints across the Palestinian territories, in addition to the barring of cars and ambulances transferring urgent cases to hospitals.