Israeli police assaulted on Friday, three Palestinian workers in Israel, arrested two of them while the third was badly injured and hospitalized in Jenin.

A Palestinian security source in Jenin reported that soldiers arrested Ibrahim Asous, 28, and his brother Eyad, 23, while they were working in Israel.

The two residents, from al-Shuhada junction in Jenin, carry the needed permits to enter Israel and work there.

The third resident, identified as Nasser Waleed Shamaly, 40, was hospitalized in Jenin after sustaining fractions and concussions to several parts of his body, especially in his legs.

Shamaly was severely clubbed and punched by the soldiers after breaking into a construction site he was working in.

A Palestinian security source in Jenin said that these violations are considered a serious escalation to the situation, which endangers the fragile truce and calm period in the area prior to the claimed Israeli withdrawal from Jenin.

In a separate incident, Israeli soldiers fired on Friday, at dozens of homes in Jenin and its refugee camp, one woman identified as Ikhlas Ahmad, 37, and her infant daughter, Maram, 8 months, were hit by grenades fragmentations after the soldiers exploded the door of their home before breaking into it in Jenin refugee camp.

Also, one resident was arrested in the city and transferred to a neighbouring military camp.