A recent survey shows that the Jewish settlers in Gaza are more extreme than their counterpart in the West Bank. The telephone poll, which was conducted by Haifa University, found that four fifths (81%) of the Gaza settlers are against any evacuation plan, while the number reached a lower numer (62%) among the settlers in Judea and Samaria (Israeli terms for the West Bank).

Worth paying attention to is that the majority of the Jewish settlers in Gaza say they do not feel obliged to follow an Israeli law if it contradicts with Halacha (Jewish religious law). 46 percent of the West Bank settlers agree on this issue.

Of the 1,000 settlers interviewed, the majority of the Gaza settlers asked think that Israeli soldiers ‘should refuse to carry out evacuation orders, while only 37% of the Jewish West Bankers agree,’ reports The Jerusalem Post.

The Jews in Gaza are also more extreme when it comes to opposing an increase in compensation as a way to motive the settlers to leave the settlements; 68 percent of them are in favour of the method, while a higher number (77%) of the settlers in the West Bank agreed on it.