abdul-Raziq Dharaghma, 33, a prominent leader of the Islamic Jihad in the West Bank, has been arrested by Israeli soldiers, according to Sheikh Adnan Khader, media spokesperson for the resistance group.

Khader told the Palestine News Network that soldiers stopped a car Dharaghma was driving at a military checkpoint near Nablus, arrested him, and transferred him to an unknown destination.

Khader stated that this military escalation is considered a direct violation and breech of the truce and all efforts to maintain calm in the area.

“The occupation is violation the calm and truce,” Khader said, “This arrest is s direct proof that the occupation is persistent to continue targeting the movement, and our people.”

Also, Khader called on the Palestinian factions and the Palestinian Authority to hold an urgent meeting in order to conduct practical measures to counter the military violations and expose the Israeli policies and plans against the Palestinians. 

Dharaghma was repeatedly arrested by the Israeli army; he was released only five months ago from an Israeli prison after serving three and a half years in detention. In total, Dharaghma was behind bars for seven years.