Palestinian informed sources reported on Friday that the prisoner Ikram Al-Taweel had received a renewal order for her administrative detention from the Israeli prison authorities.

Al-Tawil a 27-year-old single female from Hebron has been arrested in October 15, 2003.  This time is the fifth in a row in which her administrative detention is renewed.

Al-Tawil received the military order one day before her previous term ended.  Many prisoners face the same problem of renewing their imprisonment term one day before their supposed day for release.

Administrative detention is a military law under which the state can keep someone in prison without trial for a renewable period of time decided by the intelligence service without having to press charges against the detainee.

Several thousands of Palestinians have been subjected to this kind of detention.  Some prisoners spent four years in jail.  Their original term was six months that kept renewing for four years.