A Palestinian security source reported, on Friday evening, that the two international workers kidnapped in the Gaza Strip were released following extensive negotiations between the P.A and the captors.

Officials at the United Nations Development Program identified the two abductees as Steve Sabila, a Palestinian photographer, and Zoe Constantine, a freelance writer from Australia.

Palestinian security officials said that the two international workers were not believed to be in any immediate danger.

Also, Jihad Abed, a former P.A security officer, who was abducted on Thursday, will be released soon.

Two international workers abducted in Gaza

A Palestinian security source in Gaza reported, on Friday afternoon, that and armed group abducted two international workers while standing in front of Adam Hotel, in Gaza.

The source stated that one of the abductees is working with an international organization while the other is a cameraman working with an international agency.

According to the Israeli online daily, Haaretz, the abductees are a Nations Development Program worker, identified as Steve Sabella, and an Australian woman named Zoe, without identifying her last name or occupation.

The Palestinian security believes that a Palestinian family carried the abductions out in order to pressure the security to conduct extensive efforts in order to locate a Palestinian security official who was abducted in al-Boreij refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip on Thursday.

“The group attacked the car and carried out the abduction”, a Palestinian security source said, “Abed was taken to an unknown location in al-Boreij refugee camp”.

Abed previously served as office director for former Palestinian intelligence Chief Mousa Arafat, who was forced to retire several months ago by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, as part of a reform initiative.