A senior official in the Israeli Air Force said on Sunday that the Israeli Air Force is currently forming a new brigade that will take part in the implementation of the disengagement plan.

The new brigade will be a reserve unit for the Israeli army, and will be able to carry different tasks. “This unit will most likely be deployed during the disengagement”, the official reported.

Israeli career soldiers and soldiers who are conducting their compulsory military service will be serving in the units in addition to several female soldiers.

Also, the officer added that the new brigade is in parallel to the brigade which has already been formed to participate in the evacuation of northern Gaza Strip, known as the “Blue Brigade”.

Also, the Israeli army is weighing the possibility of deploying helicopters in the evacuation process.

The officer added said during a briefing with reporters that the Israeli Air Force state of alert will not be alerted during the Gaza withdrawal, since it has already called on reserve soldiers to assist in daily tasks.