A prominent source at the Israeli Jihad in the West Bank reported that Israeli soldiers invaded al-Biereh on Monday, and arrested Fath-allah al-Saadi, the brother of Luay al-Saadi, leader of al-Quds brigades, the military wing of the Islamic Jihad.

Fath-Allah al-Saadi, 23, is a college student studying in Ramallah.

Luay al-Saadi, the brother of Fath-Allah, is considered by the Israeli army as the Nr. 1 wanted activist in the Islamic Jihad. 

Sheikh Abdul-Haleem al-Saadi, abu al-Qassam, one of the Islamic Jihad leaders, said that this arrest is part of the Israeli assaults and continuous violations against the members of the movement, and their families.

“This crazy act is part of the Israeli violations and illegal activities against the movement, and its supporters”, abdul-Haleem said, “We hold the Israeli government responsible for any harm which might happen to Fath-Allah al-Saadi, and every Palestinian detainee”, he added.