Palestinian officials have blamed  Israel for the lack of coordination over the disengagement plan scheduled to start in less then two weeks, Palestinian sources reported on Thursday.

Palestinian Minister of Civil affairs, Mohammad Dahlan, who has responsibility for handling the disengagement file, met with Israeli Minister of Defense Shaul Mofaz and the Quartet committee envoy, James Wolfensohn, on Wednesday night to discuss issues related to the disengagement.

The meeting did not bring about any progress, a Palestinian source said, adding that Israel is doing its best to foil coordination.

The source, who preferred to remain anonymous, said the three officials will meet again on Thursday in an attempt to bridge the coordination gap.

Meanwhile, Israeli sources reported that Mofaz will head to Jordan to update King Abdullah II on the latest disengagement development.

The Israel radio said that another meeting between Dahlan and Israeli Vice Premier Shimon Peres failed to bring about an agreement about communication, water and electricity in the Gaza Strip after the pullout.

The Palestinian side says that the only track along which there has been progress is security coordination.

General Jamal Abu Zayed, deputy Minister of Interior met with Dan Harel, the commander of the southern command of the Israeli army in the Gaza Strip, on Wednesday.

Abu Zayed said Harel presented a detailed military plan for the pullout.  Palestinians had presented their plans to take over security control in a previous meeting.

In the West Bank, Jamal Jaradat, chief of the Palestinian Coordination Office of the Jenin area said all roads that lead to settlements will be closed during the pullout in preparation to evacuate the four minor settlements there.

Jaradat said, roads will be closed on August 15, to allow the evacuation of Sa Nur, Homesh, Janin and Kadim settlements in addition to the military base near Arrabeh near Jenin.

He added that the evacuation will be on three stages, blocking roads, then evacuating settlers, then removing houses from settlements.  Alternative roads will be opened to replace the blocked ones, Jaradat said.