Israeli soldiers invaded, on Thursday, the village of Yatta, south of the West Bank city of Hebron. The soldiers arrested two residents, and two other residents were hospitalized after soldiers attacked them in two separate incidents.

A Palestinian security source in Hebron reported that soldiers broke into homes in the village and searched them, causing damage.

Also, soldiers arrested Ali Issa Daoud, 28, while he was at a photo studio in the village, and Issa Mohammad Zein, 22, while he was in  his store, and took them to an unknown destination.

In two separate incidents soldiers attacked, severely punched and clubbed two residents.

A medical source at the Hebron governmental hospital reported that Ata Mohammad Yaghmour, 21, and Noufa Younis Nofal, 40, were hospitalized after soldiers severely punched and clubbed them.

Yaghmour, a resident of Hebron, was stopped by a group of soldiers who interrogated him in al-Sheikh neighborhood; soldiers repeatedly punched and kicked him while he was forced up against the wall.

Meanwhile, Noufa was attacked by a group of soldiers in al-Nasba area in Halhoul, while she was heading back to her home, and sustained bruises to several parts of her body.