The Palestinian police freed two UN workers who were abducted by Palestinian gunmen in Gaza, a Palestinian security source reported.

The two workers, who were no identified, were taken to safety by the police after storming the kidnappers’ hideout in Khan Younis refugee camp in the Gaza Strip.

The two UN employees were abducted from a UN car earlier on Monday; exchange of fire was reported while the Palestinian security was searching for them, no injuries were reported.

A Palestinian policeman in Gaza reported that the UN vehicle was cut off by gunmen, who abducted the UN employees.

The abduction was carried out only a day after the P.A security arrested Suleiman al-Farra, a senior Fateh leader, known of his support to al-Aqsa brigades, the military wing of Fateh.

Al-Farra is the director of Farouq al-Qaddoumi office in Khan Younis refugee camp; al-Qaddoumi is head of the Political Bureau of the Palestinian Liberation Organization.